8 Tips For Using Your Bank Machine Wisely

Tired of waiting in line at the bank to be served?   Why not take advantage of the bank bank+machinemachine? Using a bank machine to perform the routine transactions can save you a tremendous amount of time on a regular basis.   To do so, there are tips that you can follow to ensure that will make using the machine easy, safe and affordable.

1. Use Your Bank’s Machine

Although your Interac bank or debit card allows to bank at any machine, you should make it a habit to use a machine that belongs to your bank.   By using the machine that is affiliated to your bank, you can avoid paying fees associated with using another bank’s machine.   In addition, you can avoid bank card fraud by not selecting to use independent bank machines that are usually located in gas stations, depanneurs and bars.

2. Be Aware Of The Machine’s Functions

All bank machines offer the identical functions which are listed on the screen after you enter your personal identification number (PIN). If you select to use an independent bank machine that has different functions that you are not familiar with, find another machine to use.

3. Change Your PIN

It is recommended that you change your personal identification number every six to eight months to ensure bank / debit card security.   When changing your PIN, be sure to use a code that it is easy for you to remember, however; try to avoid using a series of numbers that may be easy for others to guess such as a birthday (for example 0723 = July 23), address numbers and the last four digits of a phone number.   One way to create and remember a PIN number is to create it from a word. For example, if your word is “BANK”, the PIN that you would enter on the keypad of the bank’s machine is 2-2-6-5.

4. Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

It is always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings where the bank machine is located.   The ideal surroundings to best use a bank machine is a location that is well-lighted, free of blind spots and corners and spacious enough to have the line of users a fair distance away from the machine to avoid viewing transactions in progress.

5. Budget Your Withdrawals

To avoid paying fees linked with the number of times that you take out money via the bank machine, budget your withdrawals.   If you use $80 for pocket money per month, consider withdrawing the exact amount at the beginning of the month rather than making four trips to the machine.   Each trip to the machine may cost you in terms of paying transaction fees.

6. Prepare Your Deposits Ahead of Time

Planning to make a deposit via the bank machine?   Be sure to prepare your deposits (in the form of cash or cheques) before arriving to the bank machine.   Any extra time that you spend in front of the machine will allow other individuals to view the amount of money you have going into your bank account.

7. Refuse Help

In situations that you are having difficulties with a bank machine transaction, refuse help that may be offered by strangers.   By accepting assistance, you are putting yourself at risk of having your card stolen and related information.   If you required help in any form, ask a bank representative.

8. Monitor Your Transactions

On a monthly basis, your bank sends you a statement of your banking transactions. On a constant basis, monitor the transactions made via the bank machine.   These transactions can be identified on the record by a statement that is associated with your card.   By reading the statements, you can see the amount of money going in and out of your account and how much you are paying in fees.   This will allow you to better plan on how to reduce the fees by using the machine less in the future.

Although bank machines allows you to bypass some of the hassles associated with going to a bank teller, conducting transactions using machine should lead you to be wise in terms of paying less and ensuring that your money is safe in your bank account.


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