Monnaie Money Financial Literacy Video Contest 2014 Winners

On December 19th, 2014, Monnaie Money announced the winners of the 3rd Annual VC2014Financial Literacy Video Contest. The objective of the contest is to engage youth by providing a platform for them to illustrate their knowledge regarding person financial matters. The following videos were evaluated on:
1 – Originality
2 – Financial literacy message
3 – Overall presentation and relevancy to youth today

1st Place – #NoMoneyMoreProblems by Mags

2nd Place – First Job First Bank Account by JFK High School

3rd Place – Iuliu Pop & Sebastien Philemon

4th Place – Comment être financièrement responsable? By Sarah alias Double XL

5th Place – The Hundred-Dollar Studio By Liam Alexandre and Jeremy Devon

6th Place – Vidéo contest 2014 by CJS

A complete list of videos that were submitted for this year’s contest can be found at the Monnaie Money YouTube Channel and on Vimeo.

On behalf of all contest participants, Monnaie Money would like to thank the following supporting partners:


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